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Phenom Platform App: Mining Cryptocurrency On Your Smartphone

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Now everyone can monetize the resources of their smartphones.
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Phenom App. An application that uses the free resources of a smartphone for computing, processing, and storing data.

Technological progress The main goal of the Phenom ecosystem, is to unite the most popular devices in a decentralized network.

High transaction speed and a great deal of useful tools create a product with additional value, therefore all network users receive profit using the computing powers of their mobile devices

With the Phenom App you profit from

Renting resources
Monetize such resources of a smartphone as the processor, operative memory and storage
Mission completion
Earn more while completing fascinating missions right in your smartphone.
PNT stacking
Receive daily profit for storing PNT tokens on your balance. Available when over 1000 tokens are on the balance.
приложение phenom феном
The Phenom App is the enterance point to the Phenom Ecosystem universe
The app which will change your outlook on the range of possibilities
03.09.2021 Token Rate: 0.3441$ For all time: 588%
It is important to understand that the more people connect, the more expensive the token becomes. But at the same time, the number of mined tokens becomes less over time, as well as in other cryptocurrencies. Therefore, it is so important not to waste time, but to try to get as many tokens as possible today.
the token is tied to the number of users

This currency is constantly growing in price - you can sell it right away, or you can save and earn even more!


5,000 tokens at a price of $ 0.5

5,000 tokens at a price of $ 1

5,000 tokens at a price of $ 10

5,000 tokens at a price of $ 50
Frequently asked Questions
These are the questions that are asked most often.
How do I start working?
In order to start working, you need to have a referral link from one of the current partners of our company, register an account and install the app to your smartphone.

The link is in our chat:
How do I replenish the balance?
  • You may replenish the USDt balance using BTC, ETH, or USDT. For this you will need::
1. Inside your personal account, go to the Finances tab -> Wallet, or using the link:
2. Next, press the “Replenish” button
3. Enter the replenishment amount (at least 100 USDt)
4. Choose the replenishment currency, BTC, ETH, or Tether ERC-20 and click “Confirm”

More information in our chat:
How to become an ecosystem partner?
Partner - a user who has purchased a company license.
An active license provides advanced income opportunities in all areas:

- You will be able to invite partners, build your structure, receive referral rewards in accordance with the Marketing Plan.
- Increased profitability and profit-sharing at Sintex
- Increased profitability in the application, distribution of staking profits, and the ability to complete missions.

More information in our chat:
Where is the platform registered?
  • United Kingdom
  • Nigeria
  • United Arab Emirates
  • India

More information in our chat:
Where can I view all the company documents?
All necessary documents are located in the Documents tab

More information in our chat:
What are the minimum requirements?
Minimum requirements for Android version 7.0 and higher
Minimum requirements for iOS version 13.0 and higher

More information in our chat:
How secure is the app?
App Store and Play Market carried out all the necessary revisions of the cryptographic modules, security certificates, privacy policy correspondence, and confirmed it’s safety by making it available for users all over the world.

More information in our chat:
How will the smartphone work after app installation?
The Phenom App will employ solely the free resources of a smartphone in solving complex mathematical problems, the resolution of which is rewarded in the form of Phenom Tokens. All the calculations take place in cloud servers, this way the users do not experience any hardships in daily usage of their devices.

More information in our chat:
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